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Characteristics: fragrance with spicy oriental notes

Top : cardamom, cistus, saffron
Heart : cedar wood, jasmine, rose
Base : amber, musk, sandalwood, leather, animalic notes.

Intriguing fragrance with extreme charm with odors and olfactory notes that stimulate deep chords and recall distant atmospheres.
All this given by saffron known as the red gold of spices, which blends with woody and at the same time delicate heart notes such as rose, supported by spicy base notes. A perfume with a strong personality, intriguing with extreme charm.

Wooden sticks:
OUD Sale price€25,00

Recommendations for use

Sticks are provided for each bottle. To allow for greater diffusion, let them soak well for approximately 12 hours. For consistent diffusion, turn them once a day. Keep away from direct sources of light and heat.

Ideal format

To get the best room scent, check the size of the area where you want to use the fragrance.

  • 250 ml > 7 - 11 m2
  • 500 ml > 21 - 26 m2
  • 700 ml > 26 - 33 m2
  • 3l > 33 - 40m2

High quality standard

In order to satisfy the requests coming from the luxury markets, Edion srl employs sophisticated and modern laboratories, offering highly professional analysis techniques. It benefits from the use of the most up-to-date software and the most cutting-edge laboratory analyses, such as gas phase chromatography, which evaluates the purity of the raw materials and their compositions. The mass spectrometer, which certifies, quantifies and catalogues, thousands of molecules and allergens.

Italian design

The diamond glass bottle, created in Colle Val d'Elsa, combines refined design and craftsmanship, embodying Italian excellence.