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Intense aroma of floral, woody and oriental notes

Love is a unisex fragrance that will conquer both women and men without distinction.
Eau de parfum persistent like an extract, with a strong seductive charge. Its fragrance is truly unique, as it combines numerous floral essences. Only those who try it can understand the effect obtained when in contact with the skin. Excellent for those who love strong, yet disorienting smells.

Top : with an almost monofloral flavour, dictated by the rose with a spicy aftertaste of cinnamon and red berries.
Heart : characterized by a varied set of floral notes.
Base : blossoms into a fougère accord, supported by a base of amber and labdanum.

Love Sale price€164,00

Recommendations for use

Distance: Spray 15-20 cm from the skin.
Sprays: 5-6 sprays for a balanced fragrance.
Storage: Avoid direct light and heat.

High quality standard

In order to satisfy the requests coming from the luxury markets, Edion srl employs sophisticated and modern laboratories, offering highly professional analysis techniques. It benefits from the use of the most up-to-date software and the most cutting-edge laboratory analyses, such as gas phase chromatography, which evaluates the purity of the raw materials and their compositions. The mass spectrometer, which certifies, quantifies and catalogues, thousands of molecules and allergens.

Italian design

The Edion eau de parfum in a black glass bottle, with gold leaf, is a jewel of elegance and refinement.