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The oriental

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Oriental is a very complex fragrance, with distinctly aromatic, spicy and citrus notes, which are associated with guaiac wood, whose favorite partner is the rose, which enhances its properties and accompanies it excellently, to bring it to the maximum yield and give it a sophisticated touch, thanks to its mysterious aroma. In particular, associated with amber, patchouli and sandalwood, it gives depth to the fragrance, making it intense and exotic.

Top : spicy notes such as pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon are added to the citrus accords, extracted from mandarin peels.
Heart : markedly harmonious notes with a complex composition, like that of a bouquet of flowers, in which the most intense floral nuances are enhanced.
Base : sweet and musky oriental notes, given by sandalwood and amber, which flow into guaiac wood, with a very aromatic smell.
The oriental
The oriental Sale price€107,00

Recommendations for use

Distance: Spray 15-20 cm from the skin.
Sprays: 5-6 sprays for a balanced fragrance.
Storage: Avoid direct light and heat.

High quality standard

In order to satisfy the requests coming from the luxury markets, Edion srl employs sophisticated and modern laboratories, offering highly professional analysis techniques. It benefits from the use of the most up-to-date software and the most cutting-edge laboratory analyses, such as gas phase chromatography, which evaluates the purity of the raw materials and their compositions. The mass spectrometer, which certifies, quantifies and catalogues, thousands of molecules and allergens.

Italian design

The Edion eau de parfum in a black glass bottle, with gold leaf, is a jewel of elegance and refinement.